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Cheap Air Line Flights

cheap air line flights

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We scheduled to work the holidays and were really looking forward to going to Monterey for a break. We booked months ago using CheapTickets and was that a mistake! We arrived at the airport 2 hours early to be greeted by a long line to check in at United Airlines. The kiosks were not working so we were forced to wait in the line only to find out that the flight time had changed and CheapTickets never notified us. While we were waiting in line, our flight was departing :-( The United Airlines front desk personnel were rude, cold and uncaring.

I am sitting at my computer now on hold with CheapTickets customer service. It has been long enough to create this image, post to Flickr and write this rant. And I am still on hold.

UPDATE still on hold after 15 minutes!
UPDATE still on hold after 22 minutes!
UPDATE still on hold after 25 minutes!
UPDATE after 30 minutes I reached Mia and her supervisor Jen. The $810.80 for the flight is still up in the air.

Needless to say we will probably not be flying United again and will do our best to let 1,000 people know how bad CheapTickets customer service is.

Old Delta Air Lines gates @ ORD

Old Delta Air Lines gates @ ORD

Delta Air Lines recently made the move from the L concourse (terminal 3) at Chicago's O'Hare Airport, to the E concourse (terminal 2) where Northwest Airlines is located. All that's left in the L concourse is empty gate areas where all of the seating was removed. American Airlines has taken over some of the gates, but others remain like this.

Taken during my "November '09 American Adventure"!! MCO-DFW (757), DFW-ORD (MD-80), ORD-LAX (737), LAX-ROW (E145), ROW-DFW (E145), DFW-ORD (777), ORD-DSM (E145), ORD-MIA (767).

cheap air line flights

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